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We offer significantly reduced fees during the Coronavirus outbreak

Types of referrals

There's a few ways to be referred to a psychologist.
  • Private / Self: Phoning us directly without a referral from a medical professional
  • GP Mental Health Care Plan 
  • Third Party: WorkCover, Insurance company or Lawyer, etc


  • Many private health funds provide rebates for psychological consultations, and all our psychologists are providers with many health funds. Please contact your health fund to check your eligibility.

  • Additionally, Medicare Australia has a Better Access to Mental Health scheme which provides a rebate for 10 sessions per calendar year when your General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, or Paediatrician refers you or your child for psychological intervention to address a mental health issue. We currently offer bulkbilling for Telehealth sessions.

Eligibility for the scheme is determined by your medical provider, and requires a mental health diagnosis. A consultation between you and your GP will be needed to make this assessment, and to create the necessary referral documentation for us.

Currently, Medicare rebates are between $86.15 and $126.50 per session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year, with an additional 80% of the gap rebated when families reach their Medicare Safety Net. Our psychologists are recognised providers with Medicare, which enables eligible clients to receive this rebate.

What do I need to do?

Decide if you want to make a private appointment or be referred under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)

If you want to engage therapy under a MHCP, make an appointment with your GP before your first appointment to determine whether you are eligible for a MHCP

Once you have the MHCP, contact us to make the appointment

Or just give us a call directly to make an appointment if you prefer to be a private client without a MHCP.

As an approved provider for Medicare, we are proud to offer affordable psychology services to all Gold Coast community members

You will be pleased to note that our fees are substantially below the recommended psychological fee of $254 for a 50 minute session, as set out by the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Telehealth - Private Fees

Clinical Psychology Fees with Mental Health Care Plan 
Clinical Psychologist 
Zoom/Phone session -  50 min
Zoom/Phone session - 30 min 
Registered Psychologist 
 Zoom/Phone session - 50 min
 Zoom/Phone session - 30 min 
Provisional Psychologist  and Counsellor
 Zoom/Phone session - 50 min
 Zoom/Phone session - 30 min 
 Couples Counselling
 Zoom session - 50 min
 Group Sessions
 Zoom session - 60 min
 Zoom session - 50 min
 Zoom session - 30 min

Telehealth - GP Mental Health Care Plan

Registered Psychology Fees with Mental Health Care Plan
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Zoom/Phone session - 50 min  
  Bulk bill
Zoom/Phone session - 30 min 
  Bulk bill
 Check out our Telehealth page to see if you are eligible for Bulkbilling
Reports and Letter
Reports and letters are NOT covered by Medicare and will be charged at an additional cost. 

* Cancellation Policy*:

  • We will send a reminder to you 48 hours before your appointment. Appointments have to be confirmed 24 hours before your scheduled appointment  

  • Cancellations 24 hours+ before the appointment attracts no cancellation fee

  • If your appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, the full fee will be charged to you. 

  • If no confirmation is received that you will attend the appointment, we would rather cancel this appointment and offer it to someone in need.

  • If a confirmation is received and you do not attend your appointment, the full fee will be charged for the appointment.  This fee will need to be paid directly by you and can not be passed on to Medicare or any other third party.

  • So please confirm your appointment and if in doubt rather cancel and re-book your appointment to a time that is suitable for you.