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The Mood & Mind Centre

Psychology Clinic 

At The Mood & Mind Centre we pride ourselves on providing you with professional psychological and coaching services to improve your mood and get your mind back on track.

Whether you want someone to talk to, some professional guidance or a chance to learn some new life skills, we have it all covered.  We offer a variety of services to choose from, ranging from individual, couple and group counselling.  We also offer a range of psychological assessments, including diagnostic, intellectual and career guidance.  

We are sure you'll be happy to work with us.  All our therapists are highly qualified and experienced in their various fields.  Success in therapy greatly depend on the relationship between therapist and client.  It is therefore important to pick the right therapist, who you would feel comfortable to work with.  

We have great people and a comfy, private space waiting for you, so give us a call today to arrange an appointment.


Are you ready to take the 30 Day Challenge?

We will help you in the next 30 days to set yourself up for a successful 2020.

And guess is 100% FREE!!

Each day a new challenge will be released.

The program will include:

* Identify your values and goals (what is important)

* De-clutter and letting go

* Learning new healthy habits

* Renew your thinking and getting a positive mindset

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