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Telehealth Sessions

The Mood & Mind Centre has the capacity to conduct videoconferencing and telephone sessions for clients. We use Zoom to run our online sessions due to the increased security over other applications.

Please follow this link to our TIPS FOR USING ONLINE SESSIONS and HOW TO USE ZOOM

Online sessions are not suited for everyone but research shows that it is as effective as face to face consultations.

There is currently several schemes who either fully or partially cover a telehealth session. These include:

1. WorkCover

2. Department of Veterans Affairs


4. Private Health Funds

5. Insurance companies

6. Medicare - under a GP Mental Health Care Plan and based on various criteria. (The criteria for bulkbilling is constantly changing as the Coronavirus threat increase, so keep an eye on this page for further details). There is 2 ways of being bulkbilled:

To check your eligibility for a Telehealth session, click on the above links.

You are also more than welcome to book an online session as a private client if you are not eligible for any of the above schemes.

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