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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling look at the dynamics between you and your partner and highlights areas that will improve the way in which you relate to each other. Throughout the process, issues which impact negatively on a relationship are addressed. Couples Therapy gives couples a platform to heal and move forward together.

What is the focus?

– Mutual needs

– Expectations

– Values

– Life goals

– Mutual understanding

_ Communication

_ Conflict management

Communication skills

Communication skills are high on the agenda when working with couples. A lack of communication usually stems from assumption and disagreements. If partners do not learn how to communicate with one another, often disconnection and distance will arise. This will eventually cause conflict, unhappiness or loneliness between couples.

In many relationships, this therapy process is often the last resort in attempting to resurrect what once was.

How does Couples Counselling help us move forward?

Couples Therapy at The Mood & Mind Centre assists both the couple as a unit, and each individual. Through addressing the learning of valuable communication skills and tools, Marriage Counselling and Couples Therapy assist in providing what is needed to work through existing matters. These techniques are all designed to make the relationship stronger and assist each person in overcoming difficult areas together.

Patterns and dynamics in the relationship

These may cause conflict or difficulty, which are highlighted as areas in the relationship where the most effort needs to be placed. Couples Counselling aims at working through these areas with you and providing tools to assist you. The Mood & Mind Centre therapists have helped many couples in repairing the strong foundation that is vital in all relationships.

How do we keep it together after Couples Therapy or Marriage Counselling?

Couples Therapy provides each person in the relationship with guidance that teaches them how to handle issues that may arise in the future. This valuable guidance attainted during sessions prepares both individuals, once the therapy is complete. Specific goal setting and practice tasks may also be introduced into Couples Therapy.

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