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CoordiKids Program

Coordikids Childhood Development Program which includes clinically evidence-based exercises that encourage optimal development of sensory motor skills in children aged 4-12 years.

Benefits of the program includes:

* Improved social interaction

*Better self-esteem and self-confidence

*Greater concentration

*A sound concept of LEFT and RIGHT

*Less fidgeting

*Better organization and planning skills

*Their balance is well established

*They show good coordination in sport

*The ability to sit still in class

and more….

Parent education and information to support and help the parents in dealing with difficult situations / behaviour at home and school, forms part of the 6 week program.

The CoordiKids program is run by Colette Dekker who is a highly skilled Counsellor with 15+ years’ experience working with children. Colette is no stranger to movement, as she herself used to compete as a gymnast at National level. She still coaches gymnastics in her spare time as well and loves working with children.

CoordiKids is a NDIS registered program, which means that you can claim the cost of sessions back from NDIS.

You can either contact Reception on 5573 2200 or email Colette directly if you would like further information ([email protected])