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The Mood & Mind Centre, conducts assessments for a wide range of psychological and educational concerns in both children and adults.

While psychological and/or educational assessments may sound terrifying, they are completely harmless. Testing helps provide guidance, focus and information with regards to improving problem areas. The therapist is guided in the right direction to ensure that the correct areas are focused on from the beginning.

The Mood & Mind Centre caters to both children and adults from diverse cultural backgrounds. To ensure that we meet our clients’ needs, we continually update our test library to ensure that we have the appropriate psychological assessments.

When we conduct psychological assessments on children, we involve the parent/s in an interview, where the therapist will ask questions regarding the child’s history. This will go back as far as the pregnancy, the child’s birth and early development, focusing on specific areas of concern. The assessment also include a school observation and a questionnaire which the teacher needs to complete. Once the Psychological Assessment has been done, the therapist arranges a feedback session with the parent/s to discuss the information gained from the assessment. Involving parents in this process is an essential part of the process as they will contribute significantly to the success of any treatment going forward.

Contact us for any questions you may have involving Psychological or Educational Assessments.


Forensic assessments is the evaluation of the mental state of a defendant, witness or offender for the purpose of informing the court.

Forensic assessment include looking at a person's competency to stand trial; reason for offending; likelihood of re-offending etc.

Unlike therapeutic assessment, which occurs at the request of the patient, forensic assessment is commonly conducted at the bequest of the legal system and as such have limited confidentiality compared to therapeutic assessments. We have an experienced Clinical Psychologist who is able to assist with all legal and court related matters.


The Mood & Mind Centre offers psychological assessment to determine psychological injury due to various situations like workplace injuries, road accidents or victims of crime. If you have developed a psychological injury in the workplace, you may be entitled compensation for damages. You may be able to make a claim for worker’s compensation claim or your superannuation policy may also cover mental illness (including PTSD, depression and anxiety) under a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim.

You might also be entitled to compensation if you sustained a psychological injury due to road accident or if you were a victim of a crime. Our Psychologists are skilled in the assessment and report writing for compensation claims.


The Mood & Mind Centre offer diagnostic assessments for both adults and children. This type of assessment is a thorough investigation using psychological tests and an interview to identify if a person has a psychological disorder (eg depression, ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, behaviour disorders, personality disorders like Borderline Personality, Narcissism, or other psychological disorder like Schizophrenia, Trauma and Stress Related Disorders etc.


Intelligence testing is an evidence-based method used by Clinical Psychologists to measure the person’s intellectual abilities. IQ assessments are used to determine the following:

* Giftedness

* Intellectual Disability

* Learning Difficulties

* Understanding your unique learning style

* Behavioural and Emotional issues


The Mood & Mind Centre's goal is to assist in improving the quality of life for children who face the challenges associated with a wide range of developmental and behavioural problems. At times it is difficult for parents to pinpoint exactly what their child’s concerns and difficulties are. Emotional assessments provide insight into a child’s self-identity, self-esteem, functioning in the family, school and social context, as well as any other concerns. Emotional assessments for adults focus on several areas, including EQ (emotional intelligence), hope, optimism and creativity. The influence of physical health on psychological function, addiction/substance-abuse issues etc are also addressed if need be.


The aim of these assessments is to look at aptitudes, interests, personality functioning, goals and values. Once this is done, therapists assist clients in combining points to increase self-knowledge. This enables the individual to make a more informed and considered choice with regards to tertiary education and study or adaptations to chosen career paths.


Educational assessments include a battery of tests that most children and teenagers experience as “like being in school”. The point of educational assessments is to evaluate the level of cognitive and behavioural functioning and to serve as a basis for making recommendations about school placement and overall care of the child. Educational assessments also assist in diagnosing learning disabilities and attention difficulties that interfere with learning. Tests will look at the child’s ability to sit still, to focus, to process information, visually and auditorily as well as to organise thoughts in his/her head and on paper. Through diagnostic evaluation, personalised recommendations and intervention, The Mood & Mind Centre strive to help children achieve success in their everyday lives through the determination of their unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses.


The aim of these assessments is to ascertain the level of progress towards developmental milestones. These include gross- and fine-motor control, speech and language development, personal and social self-care skills and practical reasoning abilities for younger children (3 – 5 years of age). This type of assessment is recommended for school-readiness purposes, as well as when there is concern about possible delayed development in any area.


These may include additional time when writing school and university examinations.


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