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The Mood & Mind Centre

Psychology Clinic

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Behind the Scenes at The Mood & Mind Centre

Posted on 8 December, 2022 at 17:15

 Written by Grettchen Hopkins (December 2022)

Behind the Scenes at The Mood & Mind Centre

The role of our receptionists and administration team at the Mood & Mind Centre, I can only best compare to that of a duck on the lake. Welcoming clients with a warm smile and a cup of tea (or cold water during the scorching months of summer) is just the fluffy feathered part that you see floating above the water. Behind the scenes are the busily kicking webbed feet of the duck keeping us moving forward. Our many roles and tasks can be as varied and numerous as our personalities and we are all striving toward the same goals;

★ excellence, growth and professionalism in our work and

★ warmth, kindness and respect in our approach to clients.


Our duties fall between ensuring the business runs smoothly and effectively while providing a comfortable and smooth process for our sometimes vulnerable clients. A standard day for me as Practice Manager can include anything from appointment scheduling, responding to emails and tracking referrals to financial reconciliations, human resources and workplace health and safety. As such, the need to be versatile, flexible and calm in my approach toward staff, clinicians and clients is of utmost importance and I strive to achieve that each and every day.


Being a part of and contributing to our team is the source of my strength, the interpersonal relationships that I have developed and consistent support I have received make a role like this not only challenging but hugely fun and rewarding. It is a privilege to work with such a unique and fantastic group of people.



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