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Self-care for Frontline Workers during COVID-19

Posted on 1 June, 2020 at 20:20

Written by Melissa Copeman (June 2020)

While a lot of us are starting to (hopefully!) see the light at the end of this COVID tunnel, our frontline workers continue to face the ongoing demands and challenges of working in the coalface of a worldwide pandemic. These are our Doctors, Nurses, Police and Emergency Service personnel who routinely risk their own health and safety to reduce the risk to ours. You know how the saying goes... Not all Superheroes wear capes!!!!!! Given the role they play, it is vital our frontline workers prioritise their own wellbeing. In order to achieve this, here are a few simple tips:



  • Recognise your own stress markers and acknowledge if you need to get some support
  • Educate yourself on the support options available to you
  • Attend your GP for advice and referral to a Psychologist if needed
  • Exercise regularly, eat well and get adequate rest and sleep
  • Take regular breaks, even if it is for 10 minutes during your work day
  • Leave work at work, avoid taking calls and checking emails after you have finished your shift
  • Avoid the use of alcohol at the end of your work day
  • Schedule plenty of enjoyable activities outside of work, such as going on a beach walk, whale watching, hiking, socialising with a small group of friends
  • Spend quality time with those you love
  • Engage in some mindfulness practice

Thank you for your service, Frontline workers! Take good care of yourselves!











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